Unleash the full potential of NFTs in your business processes

With the help of the Tokenscale platform, NFTs and blockchain scenarios can be easily and sustainably integrated into existing business processes.

Manage all NFTs and campaigns in one central platform

With our platform, you can integrate NFTs into your business processes to realize the full potential of the technology. Benefit from more efficiency and transparency in your company and discover new ways to use NFT technology for your business.

Create your own smart contracts as easy as possible

Create smart contracts without any programming knowledge. Our low-code generator offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you create and automate smart contracts quickly and easily. Save time and resources and discover the benefits of smart contracts for your business.

Easily connect smart contracts with APIs and manage them in one platform

Manage your APIs seamlessly with our Smart Contract Manager. With our platform, you can easily link APIs to smart contracts to automate your business processes. Experience the benefits of seamless integration and make the most of your data in the best possible way for your business.

Mine NFTs and launch your own campaigns directly with our platform

Start your NFT campaign now with our NFT Factory. Connect your NFTs with advertising campaigns and increase your brand visibility. Use the potential of NFTs to promote your business and discover new ways to engage customers.

Get insights on your NFTs and campaigns

Learn more about the performance of your NFT campaigns with our Insights tools. Our platform provides detailed insights into the performance of your NFTs and associated advertising campaigns. Optimize your strategy and maximize your success with our fully integrated and powerful insights tools.

Discover our NFT Wallet

Manage all your NFTs safely and easily with Tokenshelf. Our NFT wallet offers you the perfect solution to store and manage your valuable digital collections. From digital assets to collectibles, Tokenshelf is the ultimate platform for all types of NFTs. Discover the future of crypto management with Tokenshelf now.

For more features, benefits and background information, please visit the Tokenshelf Website.

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Tokenscale Platform

Integrate your existing systems and processes into the world of NFTs. With our integration platform, you can easily configure smart contracts and integrate them into your systems, create and publish NFT campaigns, or get insights on your already published NFTs. 

Whitelabel Solutions

With our whitelabel products you can use your own NFT wallets or parts of our Tokenscale platform in your company's corporate design. 

This way, our technologies can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and public appearances.

Consulting & Development

Our team consists of experienced technical experts, business analysts and consultants. We support you in the technical implementation, in the evaluation of business cases and exciting use cases for your company and your industry. 

The Tokenshelf Team

Patrick Schier
Bastian Diederich
Jan Scheller
Jörn Rohde

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